About Me

©2014 by Elizabeth Rulli: Artist with Kiln

So how did Dumpster Glass come about?

It was a morning about five or six years ago, that I either had one Diet Coke too many, or maybe it was one too few – it's hard to remember after all this time. I began making a palette by painting on an old piece of window glass. Glass painters usually do this to know what each paint will look like with light reflecting and shining through the glass after it's fired in the kiln. The particular paints I brushed on the old window that morning were some of my worst glass paints; they had been worthless on all other projects. In a moment of inspiration, I put the glass on top of a mold in my kiln and turned it on. The next morning, I lifted the kiln lid to see what happened. The resulting bowl wasn't great, but it sure had possibilities. I have no idea what happened to that piece and looking back I wish I saved it or at least taken a photo, but I didn't – so here we are.
Since that morning, my Dumpster Glass continued to evolve into what you see today – some very nice pieces, if I do say so myself.

How did Dumpster Glass get its name?

Well, since it all started with windows salvaged from dumpsters, and our family is big into dumpster diving, I wanted to play off its origins.
Since I wanted people to pay me for my works, I decided Trash Glass would not be a good choice. I thought Dumpster Glass had a little more class, but wait – Genuine Dumpster Glass would be even better! So that became its official name. It's even a registered trademark.

I discovered stained glass when I was 11 years old and took my first stained glass class in 1977.
When I took my first glass painting class in 1993, I knew I had found my niche. I quit my day job as a reference librarian in 1995, and opened the Indian Paintbrush Studio in Cheyenne.
Dumpster Glass originated in 2006, and has been evolving ever since.
In addition to my artwork, my life contains my husband, our daughter, two dogs and the current occupants of a large freshwater fish tank.

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